A Pair of Revelations

from June 30th, 2012

One hundred and four days ago, I came to one hell of an insight, something that may be obvious to everyone else–however, like many things in life, it was something that was much more powerful and lasting to me since I had discovered it on my own, and not at the insistence or direct guidance of anyone else. It was the end of Pathways where one of my goals had been (and is still) to listen to my instinct more, speak out when I felt something should be said, and word it how I wanted it to come across (ie not shy back if I felt someone would think my wording was weird or dramatically archaic). It was then I thought back to my religious views, in that I am a deist, meaning I believe there’s something out there, though it hasn’t been defined by any organized religion that I’ve investigated thus far.

I also believe that there is something that connects everything–every thought, action, car, color, placement, touch, sunrise, concept, inaction, absolutely everything. It’s that intuition that helps us predict what’s happening next in a book, or by the look in someone’s eye, we are able to understand their deepest truths, or how we can comprehend what an animal wants to tell us. My grand realization was what if listening to my instinct is tapping into that common connecting thread? Obeying Fate? We have the freedom of choice, of course, but those choices were preordained by something we can’t even begin to understand. Figuring whether this choice or that choice is the one we’re supposed to take…well, that’s all part of life’s adventure ūüôā


Now, that discovery of Fate within me is just a lead up to the first revelation I wanted to write about. I’ve adopted a new regimen for daily exercise that goes along with MovNat, which is basically getting humans back into nature, following natural movement in work and play. The most basic way I do this is through using tree climbing as my workout¬†¬†One of the articles I read on a guy from AZ touches on separation anxiety of humans from the Earth. We have become to accustomed to creature comforts and ‘living it up’ in cities that we’ve lost the ability to communicate with nature. And even after concrete crumbles and electricity burns out the last bulb, nature will be here, so why we’re ignoring Her is beyond me.


But I digress. I was reviewing my philosophy about returning to our origins and how to better embody the spirit of nature. If we’ve become detached, then how is it that humans no longer emulate our natural condition? I thought about storms, in how one¬†minuscule¬†event three weeks earlier could be ultimately the starting point of a tsunami or devastating earthquake. And no matter where you look, there’s¬†always¬†something happening. Nature grows every single part of itself 24 hours a day, without fail. Even if some parts are slower, it’s always changing, and humans therefore should thrive in diversity as well. Every moment of our day, hour, minute affects what will happen to us years down the road. That’s not a belief. It’s a fact. Just because we can’t understand the full affect doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. If Stacy Dragila hadn’t won gold at Sydney, I would’ve never been there to coach Revels to win first in conference pole vault this year. If I hadn’t torn my left ACL in grand display of foolishness, I probably wouldn’t have picked up Dag archery until last year. My first revelation to share:¬†everything counts, all the time.


The second came from my bike ride this morning. I listened to Julie Fowlis’¬†Touch the Sky¬†for the first half of it, which could only be more epic on a trail ride, trail run, or on horseback. But that brought me back to Dagorhir.¬†Waaaaaaaay¬†too many people take themselves too seriously, and even more let their opinion of an event be swayed by drama, or weather, or a failed weapon, or something tiny on the grand scale of the event. I haven’t had a bad event to date, and with all the crap that goes on around me, people wonder why I’m still a part of it. It’s really just choice. I want to have a good time, so I always find something to enjoy, and let that memory carry the event. If something ‘bad’ happens, I learn from it and let it go. Dagorhir has been too much of a home to me to let anyone else ruin it.


It’s well known by some that I’m part of a unit whose main purpose is to mesh Dagorhir and the mundane. The main concept behind is that if Dagorhirrim go to all sorts of lengths for anyone in the Great Game out of love, why can’t we make that a part of our everyday life? We can improve Dag all we want, because that’s our haven to where we escape, but why don’t we improve the world around us so we don’t have that¬†need¬†to escape? Enter Rangers of the Ilanese. What came to mind this morning was difficulty I’m having at work, with dealing with¬†aggressive¬†coworkers who don’t see how their actions portray their lack of respect for policies I have to enforce for everyone’s job security. The words, “Why can’t that be more like Dag?” had hardly left my lips when the bigger picture hit me. I love Dag because I don’t let anyone else ruin my enjoyment, so my second revelation is that¬†I need to love life and don’t let anyone else ruin my enjoyment.


Sadly the two don’t have a good tie in. I just wanted to share them before I forgot (again).


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