Saw an interview with this young woman today on CNN.com, about her site where she–when it comes down to it–is bringing “fat” back. Being concerned for the health of my country, peers, and families, I was a little wary of it, but thankfully listened and read before I made judgments. And I just gotta say, good on ya, Amanda!

I appreciate her humor and snark, as I do in everyone, and realize her movement ties in with some of my ideals. No one’s getting criticized and publicly humiliated for calling someone a warrior when they’re not, nor are they passed over for a job if they refer to a house as a home. But I can certainly agree and support the negative connotation of “fat,” and I would certainly be interested on more research with its origins.

Am I being a hypocrite? Hell no, and if you think so, you’re not understanding my point. I fully support healthy lifestyles, practices, and body types. Fat, like she mentions, should just be a normal word and not indicative of negativity. Fat people certainly lead full healthy lives, and THAT is what I feel strongly about. My friends, family, and readers should know by now that beauty for me certainly has nothing to do with outward appearance. Beauty is everywhere and in everything. It’s in how present your true passions, whether you are fully present in the moment or all that you truly are. Neither fat nor thin imply “beautiful” to me, nor should they be synonymous with “ugly.” Let’s just neutralize it, people!

She’s got a hard fight ahead of her. It sounds like she’s ready for it, and I’m behind her. What about everyone else? Where do you stand?