“Love Us Back”

So in response to the plethora of strictly heterosexual tones that country music has had for the past decades (most of its existence, really), and in part due to Melody Williamson’s brilliant “There’s No Country Here,” I’ve written and composed a song to hopefully be the change I want to see in the world. Here are the lyrics, and a link to the video will be in the first edit.

I grew up with Country deep in my bones,
And our music taught me hard work, and love, and what was Home,
So I’d cherished every season, storms of snow and rain,
And I learned it’s only half a life without pain.

So I stand inside the fire, like Garth told me to,
And I follow my dreams like The River flows in hopes that they’d come true.
But when it comes to love, something I feel is strong,
Though my hands and heart and words are true,
I’m told they don’t belong.

And I never cherished coffee until my Grampa died,
Sunsets always give me pause, and fiddles make me cry.
But I’m in love with a woman, and I was born like that.
Yes, I’m Country ‘til the day I die, but Country won’t love me back.

When I first heard Vassar sing Bobbi With an I,
I thought finally my first love was changing its style.
But that was not the message when I watched the video,
It made fun of how some people live and crushed my hope

Now, Miranda and Chely Wright will always speak to me,
It takes the work from All Kinds of Kinds to set us truly free.
And I may not be a Christian, but I know what isn’t just.
Can’t you treat me like your neighbor? I hear that that’s enough.


The hits tell me to shake it for a guy, and drink ‘til I forget,
And it’s ok to wake up on the beach with someone I just met.
But the 600 miles we’ve conquered, and how we’ve changed the world
Through smiles, laughs, and selflessness is wrong ‘cause we’re both girls.

When you change, I’ll cherish that moment, and let it never die.
No matter the thing that gives you pause, I know that I’ll still cry.
Someday I’ll marry this woman, and I know that’s a fact,
And you’d make another dream come true if you just loved me back.

We hope someday you see that it’s ok to love us back.