The Dreaded 2016 Election Post

I’ve made all my Will save rolls thus far to post much of anything about our election. In part because I’ve seen firsthand how people overreact and insults fly almost instantaneously. Mostly, I’ve held out from doing so in vain hope that some news outlet somewhere (heck, even in a foreign country) will keep covering what candidates plan to do with the US. Everywhere I look now elaborates on how terrible the debates are, or mudslinging, or conspiracies, or memes illustrating all of the above, or simply what their views are. I’m hoping writing about the subject will release some of the tension in my mind and nerves.

To be frank, yes, I feel that our country got the biggest shaft when it came to this election, which is thankfully a popular opinion amongst my level headed friends and acquaintances. No candidate has a solid lead on the pro/con race in my book, and that’s with knowing a lot of the biggest factors. Benghazi, company bankruptcies, the wall was already going to be built, forgetting what Aleppo is, believing in outrageous theories, recorded conversations. In the end, it will be voting for the lesser of evils. Many countries have dealt with similar situations in their past. Seems like it’s time for ours.

My biggest arguments and the largest pit in my stomach lie with Trump. It is indeed disturbing that a boy of his character has made it this far in the election, and it wracks my spine to even consider such a phrase. It’s an insult to the term ‘character,’ really: a word I hold in high regard as a roleplay enthusiast, author, adventurer, and a human on the good end of the moral scale. A great part of his appeal comes from the fact that he’s not a career politician, so he doesn’t sugar coat his opinions and can be trusted to speak his mind. In some senses, that’s a desirable trait. It brings to mind a judge my sister, a former Assistant District Attorney for sensitive crimes, admired. She witnessed said judge laying into criminals, calling them absurd for their mindlessness and blatantly criticizing their actions with sharp accuracy, which she had never seen before. THAT’S the mind speaking we need, not something that recreates platform for racism, sexism, and ignorance. Unfortunately, there is an underpinning of all three of those ideologies in our country, which we’ve been fighting to eradicate for decades and centuries. And now Trump’s helping them survive.

The other side of Trump not being a previous politician is that he has no experience. This also implies he hasn’t been serious about the potential of becoming one of the world’s most powerful leaders, and our representative to the rich, poor, privileged, discriminated, hard-working, and apathetic peoples needs to be top notch. Decorum, humility, and a passion for improvement are crucial, especially when we’re going to need help with our national debt and in our continuous skirmish against terrorism. Trump possesses none of those, or at the least, not consistently, as we’ve seen in both his recent and older past.

Stein, while I admire and stand behind her goals of clean energy and LGBT policies, I haven’t seen anything on her plans to accomplish them (On the Issues: Jill Stein). To be fair, I haven’t seen many plans for any candidate. Clinton’s policies, we see, only plan to increase our national debt by 200 million, instead of 5.3 trillion like Trump’s proposals (CNBC: Clinton’s vs Trump’s tax plans). Johnson has a history of not only increasing spending, but increasing debt (Johnson’s “Balanced Budget”). But, he also has a history of spending for schools, and I feel teachers are vastly underpaid and underappreciated compared to how important they are to our society’s future, no matter where you go in the world. Plus, some of the teaching practices that are forced on them make it so our students nowadays aren’t trained to improve lives, obtain true, applicable knowledge, or inherit passion to change our world for the better—only get good test scores, prove themselves “worthy” of a standard that doesn’t hold up in the real world. That potential scares me more than anything.

So, you know some of the complexities of my dilemma. Or rather, our dilemma, that of a world power. How do we decide? The best option, going forward, is to cease and desist IMMEDIATELY the spread of any media that makes light of the indecision or our poor position, because we know how powerful social media can be. It influences not only legitimate news outlets (what trends on FB and Twitter is what they think we want to hear about), but also the mob mentality and what the masses perceive as real. We already know this is going to be bad, plain and simple. Instead of griping about it, we need to focus and be sensible, more sensible than our candidates. Be informed, be rational, and after the dust settles from this dreaded election next month, don’t complain. Hunker down, do what’s needed to help our nation and our fellow man, and never. Give. Up.


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